Online Auction Terms and Conditions


  1. All bids constitute an agreement to purchase the item(s) should the bidder have the winning bid at the close of the auction.
  2. Bidders must provide their name and valid contact information. Bids using a false name or information may be rejected even if we initially accept such a bid. The bidder's real name and contact information will not be posted publicly on the auction website.
  3. To be valid a bid must be higher than the Minimum Bid, and higher than all other previously submitted bids by at least the Minimum Bid Increment.
  4. The winning bids will be decided based on the list of bids on the page for each item. Bids that are received by our website server after the auction closes will not be accepted, even if the bidder submitted the form in time (i.e., we cannot be responsible for delays in your internet connection or other technical difficulties).
  5. Final decisions about winners will be made by Student Open Circles. We reserve the right to cancel any bid for any reason.
  6. If a current winning bid is disqualified in an auction, Student Open Circles reserves the right to restore a prior non-winning bid to winning status.
  7. Winning Bidders may have their purchases forfeited if they do not make pickup/payment arrangements within ten (10) calendar days of auction close.
  8. Payment can be made by cash or Paypal.
  9. Winning Bidders are responsible for picking up their prizes at our office in Hamilton, Ontario. In some cases we will make arrangements to distribute a gift certificate by mail or e-mail, however the buyer assumes all risks if a prize is sent by mail. Some prizes may not have a physical gift certificate or item, in which case it is the bidder's responsibility to inquire if they wish to avoid making a trip to our office.
  10. Student Open Circles makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the completeness, kind, character, quality of any of the property, or its fitness for any use or purpose.
  11. The Bidder agrees that Student Open Circles shall not be liable for personal injuries to the Bidder or to any other person arising from or incident to the purchase of this item, its use, or disposition. The Bidder shall hold Student Open Circles harmless from any or all debts, liabilities, judgments, costs, demands, suits, actions or claims of any nature arising from or incident to the resale of this item.