Enriched by Diversity

Monday, June 2, 2014
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The Open Circle community is enriched by students who come from a wide diversity of faith and non-religious backgrounds. Engaging in discussion with this diversity and serving together provides significant opportunities for growth. Those who bring a faith perspective to these experiences find that their faith is deepened and enriched. In this newsletter, you’ll hear from Sharon about how her involvement as a volunteer, and more recently as our CVA Intern, has given her new insight into what it means for her to live her faith. You’ll also hear from Nazia about how learning at our CVA facilitator training meetings about how to be present to the moment has transformed her personal life and her volunteer work. Gladys, coordinator at the LAF afterschool program where five CVA groups volunteer each week, shares about the positive impact in the Hamilton community as students act with compassion. Thank you for being present to the needs of students and the community, making all of this possible through your support and encouragement!

— Marybeth and Jeff