An Inner-City Pilgrimage

Our “Discover Downtown Hamilton” tour celebrated the end of term together before exams. This pilgrimage of sorts took us through back alleys (top left), exploring creative expression in unlikely places (top right).

On our walk, we heard from an art gallery owner who shared how his art is inspired by mystics and saints as well as his pilgrimage on the El Camino.

A few days later, Elise, Maddie and Amanda (middle right, left to right) met with Marybeth to plan a retreat. Our conversation turned to what the gallery owner said about how his pilgrimage put him in touch with what is essential in life as he realized he had everything he needed in his backpack. This shaped our retreat theme, with activities to explore the pilgrimage of our daily lives. Our retreat invited students to reflect on their growth over the past school year, consider how far they have already traveled, and set intentions for the next leg in their journey.