Agencies Speak

by Gladys Flores

Coordinator of the LAF (Learning And Fun) afterschool program at the Welcome Inn Community Centre

Colin, a CVA student facilitator, has worked alongside a very special little boy in grade 3. “Kevin” struggles with both learning and behavioural disabilities but since starting at LAF last fall has found a true rapport with his mentor Colin. Colin is always patient, kind, and compassionate when working with Kevin, and Kevin is blossoming under his care and attention. I remember one day very well! Kevin was frustrated and near an emotional meltdown. With Colin's support and guidance he was able to calm himself, (a huge personal victory for him) and feel empowered to make a change for the positive on his next day at LAF.

Stories like this would not be possible without the commitment of CVA volunteers. Their commitment to the children and the program has been crucial to the program's success. Being able to provide one-on-one or small group tutoring with the CVA volunteers is an invaluable tool in mentoring the children who are a part of the LAF Program. This factor is what sets LAF apart from other after school programs but more importantly the relationships and rapport that have developed between the children and the CVA mentors have been the greatest success. Thank you for making such a wonderful impact in our community!