A Harbor to Rest In

by Vivian Li, Open Circle student

Vivian (front) with Open Circle student leaders during a "streetwalk" training session

I couldn't help but grin until my face hurt.  Everything around me seemed so refreshing and my day was absolutely beautiful.  That was how I felt when I walked out of my first Becoming Yourself Series back in March 2018 - just pure bliss and wonder for this world.

Back when I was drowning in self-doubt and worries, it was Open Circle that provided support and a space for me to reflect and to work on my inner peace.  I was so grateful that this resource existed when I decided to reach out for help.  The circle to me is like a harbour to rest in whenever I need to recharge and get in touch with myself.

Through Open Circle, I learned the importance of self-care that slowly integrated into different parts of my life.  I started to eat better, became more organized and wrote in a journal every day to collect my thoughts.  I was able to share Open Circle with my brother and best friends who were positively impacted as well.  One of my best friends continued to attend all the Open Circle activities because she found it very helpful for calming her mind.  I was happy that I was able to share this reousrce with my loved ones and to make a positive impact in their life.  I also learned the importance of self-awareness and understanding.  Now, I try to take soe time every day to meditate or do check-in's to gain a better awareness of my headspace and the tensions in my body.  I am able to relax better and deal more head-on with my negative thought patterns in this way.

Open Circle has become such an integral part of my life because I am able to to get support and to also provide support for others like me just by being present in this community.