Monthly Donors Needed: Kala's Creative Pledge

By Kala Grant, Open Circle alumni and SOC board member

This year will be my 5th year seving on the Board for Student Open Circles (SOC) and I am excited to say I can finally become a monthly donor.  I've found some creative ways to pledge positive action for the community, the environment and myself - so I am able to forward the $ saved from this towards the sustainability of my favourite charity: Student Open Circles.

SOC supports over 300 student volunteers and leaders each year in making meaningful and thoughtful contributions to the Hamilton Community.  This contributes to the sustainability of the community and their own growth! To join me in my focus for sustainaability, see my videos of my pledges and please consider supporting our campaign:

Coffee Pledge:

Hair-cutting Pledge:

One thing that can help Student Open Circles sustain itself is the support of monthly donors.  This does not have to be a heaping amount.  You would be surprised at how much $5-10 a month would help! 

I invite you to consider pledging an activity that you can modify in your daily (or weekly/monthly) life.  You can find information on how to become a monthly donor at: