Together in Growing

Together In Growing Skills Sharing Workshop poster

A skill-sharing marathon

Jan 25 - Mar 9

This year, SOC is celebrating 20 years of diversity. Over the past two decades, SOC has brought McMaster students and Hamiltonians together to build our community and foster individual growth. For this monumental milestone, we would like to emphasize the diversity that makes our community so unique.

In line with the theme of our campaign, we are hosting 4 skill-sharing workshops themed “Together in Growing.” It will be a series of introductory classes on different skills ranging from cooking to martial arts. These sessions will be held on Zoom so you can join us from the comfort of your home. Our goal is to gather people in spaces they are comfortable to learn the unfamiliar together.

  • Jan 25: Sri Lankan Cooking in Community with Saroja and Shunmathi Shanmugam
  • Feb 10: Gardening Together, Growing Together with Devin Dzelme
  • Feb 22: Exercising Body and Mind through Martial Arts with Katie van Kampen
  • Mar 9: Practicing Presence and Painting with Marybeth Leis Druery