Newsletter: November 2020

A letter and artwork from Natalie

Finding Meaning in the Midst of Crisis

“It's amazing and strange how much I've come to know Open Circle members and how I've spent quality time with them, despite never meeting many of them in-person due to COVID-19.” (Student Participant)

Now that all classes are online and extracurricular options are few, many students are looking to Open Circle for community, to find meaning, and to help out in the midst of our current crisis. Our reflection circles, volunteer groups, and courses have been packed full all summer and into the fall. Students are serving those in need through our 28 weekly online volunteer groups, building friendships with adults with disabilities, mentoring and tutoring at-risk children and youth, and relating with thousands of isolated seniors. As we journey with students every day, we often forget that we’re not seeing them in person, because the quality of connection runs so deep. In these stories, you will hear how Eddie, Olivia, and Isabel experienced support, transformation, and meaningful service when the changes from the pandemic made them feel like their worlds came crashing down. Thank you for your support during these challenging times!

— Marybeth and Jeff