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Art from Creativity Circle by Christy

by Christy, student

For many of us, this past summer may not have been the best experience due to the global pandemic. It just so happened that I had ...

Letters and art to seniors

Some art and messages of hope by our Letters to Seniors weekly volunteer groups. Here is a comment by Stephanie Wickens, our agency contact for one of the long term ...

Crowdfunding Campaign Student Testimonials

Join our Navigating Change crowdfunding campaign and make a big difference during the current challenges and uncertainties! Since lockdown started in March, we’ve increased our supports for students and the ...

A letter and artwork from Natalie
Now that all classes are online and extracurricular options are few, many students are looking to Open Circle for community, to find meaning, and to help out in the midst of our current crisis.
Photo of Isabel

by Isabel Khudr, student

I cannot think of a better time to have immersed myself into Open Circles community. During the school year I had limited myself from attending ...

by Olivia Symons, student

My experience with Open Circle began one year ago when I started volunteering in a weekly group at a Reading Buddies and Nutrition program at ...

Zoom meeting with students

by Marybeth Leis and Jeff Druery

I really benefit from Open Circle during this uncertain time

Students were suddenly uprooted from their routines at a very stressful time of term ...